About Us

About Us

Why do we have a 100% client retention rate?

Invest in Ourselves

We first invest in ourselves to make sure you get the best-trained security guard on the market. This training consists of the most up to date safety practices and extensive training in public relations. We assure you when hiring us you are getting a well-trained, courteous officer with terrific public communication skills.

Target Hardening Company

We take each assignment personally. You are not just a client, but an opportunity to prevent crime and make sure it is handled appropriately if it should occur. We begin with an assessment to uncover vulnerabilities and give suggestions to cure these weaknesses. Our guards are trained to locate possible future issues and give educated suggestions at the best price.

Value a Long Term Relationship

Our goal is to create a long lasting trusting relationship, so you know who to call in the future. All State Security is not your typical fly-by-night security company. We pride ourselves in making sure your present and future needs are met…Guaranteed.

Best Service at Affordable Price

Our prices reflect our cost to provide you the best service. We don’t play games or underbid to get the job. We are confident in our impeccable service and it shows with our history. In the end one thing is certain, you get what you paid for and that is professionally trained guards who care about your future. 

All State Security takes Customer Service to a Whole New Level

We have a…24/7…365 day…night or day…costumer service center to answer ANY question you may have about our services. In times where the answer is unknown, a member of our corporate staff will contact you, sometimes face-to-face to assure both client and company know what is needed to understand the situation fully. We don’t use these sessions to complain about you; we want to learn from you, so future situations are handled appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

“So what sets All State Security Officers apart from other contract security providers?”

We hold our officers and management staff to a high expectation of excellence and professionalism, both in appearance and work ethic. Our officers are simply not a “Warm Body” in a uniform making minimum wage; they are family. This is exemplified in their overall appearance, demeanor, and attitude to their job. An All State Security officer standing post is a professional at work…giving 110% to their job.

All State Security is only as good as their guards, so we provide these excellent incentives:

  • Assistance with secondary education
  • Potential for advancement
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Paid vacations
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Flexible schedules

These benefits are unheard of in the general contract security industry. Why all these benefits? A large turnover rate is not fair to you. With our turnover rate substantially lower than the national average, it is no wonder our clients are beyond satisfied.

“Do your officers get out of their car?”

We do EXACTLY what you want us to do. Getting out of the car to physically check your business saves you hundreds of dollars in alarm response calls by law enforcement. Each false alarm call can cost you $150-200.

We offer an electronic tour accountability system for your property. The ETAC system is the placement of several small sensors in areas around your property. The officer is required to touch these sensors with his wand when physically checking your business. At the end of the shift, the officer downloads this information into our centralized computer database, so both you and All State Security knows precisely the times your areas were inspected.

“What about a Closed Circuit Television System I can monitor on the Internet?”

Study after study shows having a physical presence is more effective than cameras. There are various ways criminals beat the camera, but few ways to beat the actual human eye. The cost and reactive nature of CCTV do not beat a guard standing at your post or patrolling your property.

Having an actual guard deters crime or serves as a witness to law enforcement. It is nice to have a witness to the make, model or license plate of the offender.

“How do I go about contacting you for more information?”

There are several ways to answer your questions:

  • Please call our dispatch non-emergency line at (206) 953-3336 or (888) 589-2941
  • Email us at securityllc@hotmail.com
  • Feel free to fill out the inquiry form on our contact page